People Younger Than Me Explaining How to Do Things

This series was exhibited at Fotomuseum Winterthur.

A young woman in a low-cut shirt pushes up her chest with her hands and says: So you want to put the smaller bra inside the bigger bra.
A teenager applies glue to her nose with a popsicle stick and says: If you put too much of a thick layer, it's not going to dry out right.
A young woman in her bedroom holds hair extensions and says: It doesn't have to be perfect.
A teenager parts her hair diagonally on the side, holding hair out toward the viewer and says: Then we're going to get your finger, put it on a diagonal, and kind of cut through there on that diagonal.
A young boy in a living room holds two pieces of rolled up paper and says: And then you stick it in, here.
A teenager in a bedroom says: You just make friends, comments on a bunch of people;s pictures, say how like pretty they are and all that stuff. Like, obviously don't lie.
A teenager with her face very close to the camera applies lipliner and says: To create soft looking lips, line your lips with a brown liner.
A teenager wearing a tank top and a trapper hat in a living room gestures with his hand and says: Don't do it on a day when your mom's super busy or she's had a bad day.
A young boy holds his hands to his chest an d says: Sometimes you just gotta realize you're crossing that line.
A teenager in a bedroom holds up a rolled up piece of fabric and says: Just keep rolling until you get a donut. Yay!
A barely-visible teenager in a dark room sits close to the camera and says: I mean, don't use your hands and feet at the same time.
A teenager in a messy room holds some string and says: It's pretty simple. Let me teach ya.
A teenager wearing a hat with a bulldog on it stands in his closet, which has many hats and jackets, and says: You can get 50, 75 percent off anything, like cargos and shit like that.
A boy stands on a trampoline in a backyard with his hands on his hiips and says: If you wanna be safe, and you want to learn to do it faster, I would tape a pillow to the back fo yoru ehad, so you don't have to worry about, uh, falling and hitting your head.
A teenager holds a section of her hair up offscreen and says: Take it layer by layer and squirt, like, twice.
A teenager with shaggy hair says: Ask yourself if you really want your ex back.
A teenager in a poster-filled bedroom braids her hair and says: So get it nice and neat... sorry if I sound weird, but I've got a bit of a cold.
A young girl stands in a yard with her arms stretched outward and says: When you start you want to be in a seating positions, like you're sitting in a chair. Don't fall down.
A young boy sits at a desk and cuts paper with scissors while looking at the camera, saying: And now, you cut from here.
A teenager wearing a pink bikini inside a messy bedroom says: The number one rule is not to play with it unless you are cleaning it.
A young woman holds up a box of Tampax Pearl tampons and says: If you're a beginner with tampons, I would suggest you try the Tampax ones.
A boy in a dark room pulls his bottom lip downward and squishes it together, saying: Do this with your lip.
A teenager sits close to the camera and says: Do whatever makes you happy and whatever makes you comfortable.
A young boy in a domestic interior looks down at the camera and says: You wanna be confident and like, you wanna to kee your head up.
A teenager in a messy room says gestures with her hands and says: You wanna make sure that you change your relationship status on Facebook as soon as possible.
A teenager in a hallway says: Karma's a bitch and will bit you in the ass for sure.
A teenager brings her face close to the camera and produces tears, saying: Remembering things that you do when you actually cry, like maybe you hyperventilate or something.
A young woman in a domestic interior holds up a L'Oreal eyeliner to the camera and says: You can also use liquid eyeliner, which looks like this.
A young girl in a bathroom wrangles her hair while saying: So yeah, just put your hair up.
A teenager in a bedroom holds up a small blue container and says: This stuff will make your hair grow.
A teenage boy on a couch or bed says: Don't talk about that guy you like.
A teenager gestures with her hands and says: There's actually a scientifical way to see when someone is lying.
A teenager in a bedroom gestures with both index fingers and says: Also important vitamins are vitamins C, E, and A.
A girl in a kitchen or bathroom holds herself up off the floor with her hands while her legs are wrapped around her arms and says: And see how long you can hold that.
A teenager with a stoner vibe holds up a plastic bottle and points at part of it, saying: Drill three eighths of an inch hold straight through the Gatorade bottle.
A teenager in a room with plaid curtains rests her head on her hand, which is holding a cigarette, smiles, and says: And you just sit all classy like you know, a lady. Yeah.
A teenager in a domestic interior holds up a pipe cleaner to the camera and cuts it while her friend looks on in the backround, and says: And when you do this, you have to cut it like that.
A boy has his knees, hands, and head on the floor in a room with an empty shoe rack and stacked cardboard boxes. He says: Go on the ground, like this.
A teenager wearing many of their bead projects holds up a bracelet made of orange beads to the camera and says: Do that on every single row until you're finished.
A young woman with shiny lip gloss inside a walk-in closet holds her hands up and says: This is big problem for a lot of people because you might have a dead tooth or something.
Inside a bedroom, a teenager holds a section of her friend's hair while her friend looks annoyed, and says: Ok, that's what it looks like.
A teenager in a domestic interior holds up their t-shirt, which has an animal crossing sign on it, and says: You also wanna put on a boyish looking t-shirt.
A teenager in a domestic interior holds up a beanie hat and points to part of it, saying: The back is going to be where the line is.
A teenager in a kitchen holds his palms up to the camera and says: Wash your hands. Did you wash your hands?
A very young boy sits on the floor of a messy room and says: And then just hold it for whatever you want, and maybe go into the worm or something.
A teenager in a living room kneels down to look into the camera and says: What you wanna wear when you're doing this is a baggy t-shirt, shorts, and a tank top.
A teenager with their face close to the camera holds one of their bottom eyelids down while applying an eye pencil and says: And once you have that you'll see that you look much more awake.
A young boy in a gym holds a basketball and begins to make a motion with his arm and leg, saying: Now, I see a LOT of people doing this.
A somewhat goth-looking teenager in a living room with her friend looks jaded and says: You literally gotta put some humor into it and just like, chill the fuck out.
A young boy wearing goggles in a living room stands behind a model of a volcano, a bottle of vinegar, and baking soda, and says: And then it'll explode, ok?
A young girl with a lot of red lipstick on in a bedroom gestures at her face and says: Now. Step number one is make up.
A young boy holds origami up to the camera and says: Fold it up, like this.
A teenager in a messy bedroom holds up a pink planner to the camera and says: Next, I would have to highly stress the importance of bringing a planner.
A young boy midair on a backyard trampoline has his hands in the air and says: It should end up looking like this.
A teenager holds up a bottle of Listerine to the camera and says: Most preferably after brushing your teeth, use, like, a mouthwash.
A teenager in a domestic interior applies mascara close to the camera and says: You wanna have your lashes be as BIG as possible.
A teenager in a domestic interior holdes a pomegranate and a knife up to the camera and says: Un, so you just dig it in right there.
A teenager sits in a bedroom close to the camera and says: Even though you're wondering like, when will it come, just be happy it hasn't come yet because it's horrible.
A teenager in a domestic interior gestures with his hands and says: Create a spiritual atmosphere. Light a candle. Chant a mantra.
A teenage boy reclines on a couch and counts off with his fingers, saying: Diss her, break her heart, and make her cry.
A young woman in a domestic interior looks down at the camera and says: If you, em, go to the toilet, and look down at your legs, the space of the legs on the upper thight, you can see, can be used as a notepad full of information.
A teenager in a dimly lit domestic interior holds her hands out and says: Don't go around doing this to people for the fun of it.
A teenager in a hoodie exhales to the side and holds out his hands, saying: So a snap is like... like that.