The Findings May Surprise You

A collaboration with Joe Veix, these three collages contain imagery from the presentation decks of 20 startups that went out of business between 2009 and 2016. Joe found the presentations floating around on Slideshare, and also made the accompanying text (a collage of wording from the same decks). We made this piece for the first issue of the Living Room Light Exchange's new publication.

Startup Pitch
by Joe Veix

What’s happening right this minute.

Who we are:
The Perfect Team.

3 floods:
The backlash against mobile technology is real.
Consumers are disenchanted, and seeking more tangible forms of engagement.
We are increasingly dependent on oil.

The photo mess:
Anyone can spontaneously take quality photos of almost anything, anytime.
Every moment will be captured as photos.
A tsunami of photos.

What have we lost?
Ceremony. Ritual. Rites of passage. Initiation leading to genuine social cohesion. Discovery and play. Opportunities for meaningful risk, challenge, and reward. Kinship, mentorship, communion. Embodied culture; heritage and legacy. Convenience. Affordability. Engagement. Community Involvement. Alignment. Sustainability. Interchangeability. Safety. Security. Freshness and high quality. Happy people. Deeper understanding, transformation, and ultimately … meaning.

Facebook is harmful because it reduces oxygen delivery to the body’s organs and tissues. Health effects include asthma, difficult or painful breathing, and chronic bronchitis, especially in children and the elderly.

Still, young people move further away from real world social institutions, replacing this sphere of their lives with “virtual community.”

We have a New Problem on our hands:
Mass market problem, across demographics.
Hard problem that demands lots of innovation.
Solving it requires the right combination of technology, science, and UX.

Disruptive solution?
Experiences are the new things.
Through giving we become part of a story greater than ourselves.
Life itself is a wondrous game.

Unique Tech and Science:
SKU-Level SoLoMo targeting with real-time data access; interactive UI; swiss army knife database; closed system of known, authenticated senders and verified users that is centrally controlled and managed; bank-level data security; all data is continually encrypted whether in motion or at rest; automated distribution channels and publisher tools; and easy to use API in Actionscript 1, 2 and 3.

Perception is Everything:
We need to be more specific as to what we invalidate.
Don’t be afraid to talk about your idea.
Don’t read too much news, read product related blogs.

Our Vision:
Scale to millions of users.
Optimize for Trends, Interests, ADD.
Establish Benchmarks.
Adjust benchmarks for improvements moving forward.

Get out there and get it out there:
Pull in web content
Push content up to the web

Product Highlights:
A unique conversation based social media site that delivers your message directly to our audience of highly engaged, youthful consumers.

A mental state of operation in which a person is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment while in the process of an activity.

A dynamic cross media roll out w/ multiple revenue streams.

Aggressive consumer acquisition plan.

An easy way for people to share plans with friends.

An enchanting game platform that inspires play & builds community through shared real-world experiences.

Creating the buzz:
Just imagine a really compelling and cool demo (and then imagine me delivering it).

What can I do with it?
Pros: Pretty much anything.
Cons: Pretty much anything.

Questions (avg 8k questions per minute):
What’s going on?
How could we possibly fulfill these needs through mobile app?
What is the perfect sauce for Chicken? Tomato or Garlic?

〰 Get Started Today 〰

*RIP: SpoonRocket (2016); The Latitude Society (2015); RewardMe (2015); Stipple (2014); TuneWiki (2014); Fotopedia (2014); Zumbox (2014); Mochi Media (2014); FindIt (2014); Everpix (2013); Flowtab (2013); Wibiya (2013); Formspring (2013); Songbird (2013); Better Place (2013); (2012); Plancast (2012); Fanvibe (2011); SpashCast (2009); Vidoop (2009).